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    Issue early high of the range of Yamaha guitars, here is a classic electro-acoustic hybrid with a relatively narrow neck (48mm at Nut) and smaller than a traditional classical body. This model has a table and a massive body, ensuring a rich and brought sound to bonnifeir time. Ready for the stage, it is equipped with a Yamaha ART 61 electronic with...

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    Shop preferred occasions but when there are good products like this guitar (and it fills a gap in the range) do not hesitate! This is an excellent Santos Martinez quality / price ratio in terms of electro-classical affordable. massive table, rosewood body, it is equipped with a piezo attached to a preamp Fishman Presys comprising a tuner small, very...

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    Here is a breathtaking innovation: Yamaha Transacoustic models are equipped with an internal amplification system producing sound effects such as chorus and reverb. You can play acoustic, unplugged, with a Reverb em> spring em> or lobby em> just for you! The effect is stunning. Available in folk and classical, this is a classic model of...

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    Lakewood has carved a name in the market of acoustic upscale violin. The German brand designs brilliantly freely inspired models of major US manufacturers This M-52 Custom is a top model in the format Grand Concert, made to order, with many specifications "custom.": European maple AAAA, myrtle body, flamed maple neck, cutaway Florentine, many wooden...

    4 950,00 €
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