All equipment is checked and tested on arrival and departure.

Legal guarantee of conformity and guarantee against defects and hidden defects

The legal guarantee of conformity is defined by articles L 211-4, L 211-5, L 211-7, L 211-8, L 211-11 and L 211-12 of the French Code of

Consumption. The guarantee against defects and hidden defects is defined by articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code.

Actions based on the legal guarantee of conformity and on the guarantee against hidden defects and defects are prescribed by two years from the delivery of the goods sold. In the event of lack of conformity or hidden defects, the return costs are the responsibility of the seller. This warranty applies exclusively to new equipment sold by Le Shop.

Contractual guarantee

In addition to the legal guarantees mentioned above, Le Shop provides a contractual guarantee, the duration of which depends on each item but must be specified at the time of purchase.

This guarantee offered by Le Shop does not cover:

- replacement of consumables (batteries, bulbs, fuses, cords, etc.)
- accessories, speakers, tweeters, cases and covers, except in special cases
- abnormal or non-conforming use of the products. In this regard, we invite you to carefully read the instructions for use supplied with the products,
- damage due to the intervention of a repairer other than Le Shop
- damage resulting from a cause external to the device (for example, accident, shock, lightning, a current fluctuation, variations in temperature and / or humidity, etc.)

We are an independant shop, specialized in second-hand gear and instruments, we host our own technical facilities, electronic and luthery and take care of each item we sell.

Used Equipment

The warranty period for used equipment sold by Le Shop is specified on each item page and may not exceed the specified period. In the absence of any mention, the automatic guarantee for used equipment will not exceed one month.